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Industrial autoclave
Industrial autoclave
Blending tank with mixer
Blending tank with mixer
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CIP installations

Company Flowtech leads activities for implementation and installation of technological equipment to businesses involved in the food industry. We have met a lot of orders to modernize production and designing new plants from scratch. On this page we are pleased to offer you high-quality and reliable CIP installations (washing equipment). This equipment is used for washing of various technological equipment and pipelines. It is an integral part of any food production.

CIP stations from the Flowtech

Hygiene is one of the priority conditions necessary for the correct production process at any enterprise cell food products. Quality of products, their taste properties and stability directly depend on hygienic condition of the equipment on which they are made. Without the use of special CIP stations eliminate the harmful microorganisms from pipelines, tanks, filters and other technological equipment is impossible. Even the simplest installation will make the production process much easier.

Installations from "Flowtech" are fully automated and controlled by the computer. Special sensors collect information and send it into the electronic system that controls the temperature, speed, saturation of reagents in soapy water, opening and closing valves, liquid for washing at the specified contour.

CIP stations quickly and accurately wash not only tanks and the bottling line, but also technological cycles and other elements of the plan:

  • breweries at the end of the beer preparation process;
  • line of acceptance and processing of milk, which prevents the souring of milk;
  • pasteurizers and plate heat exchangers, which must divest deposits formed under the constant influence of elevated temperature (scale), as well as remove residues of products subjected to pasteurization;
  • filtration equipment (filter presses; plate, kieselguhr filters; micro filter cartridges, etc.);
  • thin pipes and pipelines, buffer tanks, containers.

Buy CIP installation

If you need technological equipment, please contact our company. Specialists of "Flowtech" will help you to find the best variant of CIP installations for your production, analyzing the situation at your factory. We always listen to the wishes of the client, therefore our cooperation will necessarily be fruitful. If necessary, our people will install a new CIP station at your plant.

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