Blending tank with mixer
Blending tank with mixer
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Designing of dairy industry enterprises

The Flowtech company carries out design works on modernization of already existing productions and creation of completely new ones from scratch. Our activity consists a complex of architectural and constructive component development of the plant, selection of technical equipment for processing dairy raw materials, to provision of functional premises. This all we carry out, considering the sanitary requirements, consumed electricity, heat, water and labor resources.

What is the job of designing a dairy plant?

This activity is a complex of measures to develop the production infrastructure and the elements for its proper functioning. The work is aimed at the solution of the following tasks:

  • Formation of the main and reserve capacities of the facility. The finished assortment is determined, the maximum volume indicators of the produced dairy products are indicated.
  • Creation a technological solutions: schemes, lines, installations and processes which aimed at the production of dairy products. Thanks to the design, the technologies for the processing of dairy raw materials are optimized, as a result the percent of waste from production decreases, and the volumes of production are increased on the contrary.
  • Selection of optimal, advanced technology for multiple, non-waste recycling.
Professional designing of the dairy plant will ensure your production maximum performance, which will achieve high cost-effectiveness and profitability.

Designing enterprises of the dairy industry is carried out in stages. Generaly, the complete design cycle is represented by the following stages:

  • Requirements are drufted. Such things as productivity indicators, volume and assortment of the enterprise are discussed with a customer and an investor.
  • Schemes, equipment and devices are approving.
  • Analysis and calculation are carried out.
  • The graffic of technology processes is determined, agreed and approved.
  • Equipment (tanks, lines, baths, etc.) is selected and approved.
  • Development of automation systems, the writing of programs, the creation of an explanatory note are produced.
  • Services for designing a dairy plant from Flowtech

    Our company has extensive experience in the design and organization of construction of enterprises for the production of dairy products. Also we are engaged in the improvement of long-standing productions. The cost and terms of delivery of the project are individual for each customer.

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