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Blending tank with mixer
Blending tank with mixer
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Equipment for milk processing

Flowtech manufactures containers for such operations as milk processing and milk storage. Products can be represented by horizontal or vertical tanks. These cylindrical vessels consist of such elements as an inner and outer casing (both are made of high-quality sheet steel). Space between two components can be occupied by a thermal insulation material. The vertical tank is installed on special supports, which can be adjusted in height. Bottom of the tanks has nipples, through it the vessels are filled and disengaged.

Flowtech technological products advantages

The products of our company are made with stainless steel and fittings of foreign production. Only high-quality materials such as welding wire, grinding wheels, chemical materials for etching and so on are used for the work. We have at our disposal the latest imported technological equipment: sheet bending machines, roll forming machines and guillotines on computer control, automatic welding machines, automatic orbital pipeline welding, a modern installation for the production of cooling jackets, equipment for the manufacture of flanged cone-shaped bottoms, automated roll-cutting systems.

Welding of products is carried out with automatic welding devices using the TIG method in an argon environment or through plasma technology. As a consequence of the above, a welded seams are obtained more qualitatively and more reliably, their appearance improves. Joints are polished from the inside to prevent the spread of microorganisms. Used stainless steel has a surface finish of 2b (which corresponds to a matte finish). Polishing of the surface up to the mirror can be carried out on your request. Besides, the outer surface can be ground (satin) to avoid the appearance of stains.

The price for milk processing equipment

Our company provides reliable and high-quality equipment for companies engaged in the production and processing of dairy products. At the same time, the price for milk processing equipment of our company is democratic. We can also equip the tanks with thermal insulation. Constant temperature regime is maintained thanks to it. Foamed polyethylene, polyurethane foam or mineral wool can be used for its production.

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