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Blending tank with mixer
Blending tank with mixer
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Equipment for the production of cheese

Flowtech is a company, wich product, implements and carries out installation of machinery for the food and chemical industries. Our specialization is the engineering of new plants from scratch, and the modernization of existing plants. We are offer a cheesemaking equipment for big and small companies on this page. We sell high-quality and reliable equipment only.

Equipment for cheese making by Flowtech

Specific methods based on using of microflora for fermenting dairy products are used for cheese production. Necessary conditions such as a constantly low temperature must be provided for proper flow of the process. Ingredients and finished product should be stored in special chambers for a short or long shelf life. Any class of cheese can fabricate by equipment for the production of cheese using the same scheme wich consist of a number of stages:

  • milk is prepared for coagulation - its heating, rennet substances are added;
  • granular curd is produced;
  • it molding in a bulk or from the formation under a thickness of a qurk whey;
  • mass is compressed and self-pressured, as a result a quark whey is removed;
  • cheese is salted, acquiring a certain taste saturation;
  • there is a ripening of the product, special chambers has created for this, in which the taste and flavor of cheese will be formed;
  • the product is packaged with paraffin or polymer film.

The whole complex of equipment for the production of hard cheeses and others on an industrial scale requires large production areas and a considerable number of maintenance personnel. To launch such business with equipment for the production of hard cheeses, you need impressive start-up capital, and significant monthly expenses.

Mini factory for cheese production

Mini cheese dairy is an excellent option for start-up entrepreneurs. In our time cheese`s production is quite profitable. With a mini plant for the production of cheese products, you can quickly achieve stable performance. Therefore, who have experience in the food industry and those who act on an enthusiasm go in this business. Mini plant components of a cheese production are representing:

  • Stainless steel capacity which has a volume above 50 liters. Its heating is due to tubular electric heaters, gas, hot water or steam. The unit is cooled using cold tap water.
  • It staffed by presses, storage chambers, forms, shelves, milk filters and other additional equipment.

Price for mini cheese dairy equipment

Flowtech provides standardized technological equipment for enterprises and manufactures solutions completely to the wishes and needs of customers. The equipment`s price for the dairy in the second case can vary in a fairly wide range. At the same time, our prices for equipment for the cheese factory are quite democratic, in comparison with many other implementers of food technology. Contact with Flowtech and a prices for a dairy equipment will surprise you pleasantly!

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