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Installation of stainless steel ladders and platforms
Installation of stainless steel ladders and platforms
Stream pasteurizer
Stream pasteurizer
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Industrial autoclave

"Flowtech" Company is a team with extensive experience in designing plants from scratch, as well as modernizing existing production facilities. The scope of our activity relates to the manufacture, sale and realization of diverse technological equipment businesses, specializing in the manufacture of food products. Among other things, we offer companies to acquire reliable and high-quality autoclaves. We have only high-quality equipment at low prices.

Buy industrial autoclave in Flowtech

These installations are irreplaceable at canning of production in large volumes. Their purpose is to pasteurize and sterilize the product. Modern solutions allow to produce a large number of spins in a short time. Processed without problems:

  • stew;
  • assorted vegetables;
  • fish;
  • pates;
  • dairy products;
  • juices;
  • jam;
  • compotes;
  • mushrooms and other similar products.

Packaging can be used as a glass, tin, and Doypack packages, as well as the lamister packages. The units are able to operate under pressure in 4 atmospheres, and also produce a maximum temperature of up to 140 degrees Celsius.

These units are distinguished two types:

  • Vertical electric water. Heating in such units is made by TANS and water.
  • Vertical steam. Steam in such installations produces boiler or steam generator.

Complete set of the device is presented:

  • Remote.
  • Baskets for receiving cans and other containers.
  • Temperature sensors, manometers (controlling and showing), water supply/discharge taps, thermometers.
  • Mechanism to open the lid of the unit.

Our autoclaves:

  • Have a robust design.
  • Have a properly selected power of TANS.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Go with the Control Panel with the device and controller.
  • Equipped with cooling jackets.
  • At the request of the customer, the device can be equipped with recorder to register sterilization regimes.
  • Go along with all necessary documents like certificate of conformity, etc.

Industrial autoclave — Price

Flowtech Company is characterized by loyal policy towards its clients. Here you can buy an industrial autoclave, the price of which will satisfy any businessman. It should be noted that in our assortment the prices for autoclaves vary, since the devices differ in their characteristics.

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