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Blending tank with mixer
Blending tank with mixer
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Milk and dairy production equipment

Flowtech" company is engaged in the production of technological equipment for companies specializing in the production of food industries. We are manufacturing equipment including for dairy production. We have large experience in modernizing and designing food and dairy factories from scratch. Flowtech has a staff of experienced specialists and own competent methods of designing and is very careful when creating technological elements. All of these elements allows the company to perform the most complex tasks.

Equipment for dairy production from Flowtech

Our company will produce for your enterprise capacitive equipment and other equipment for working with dairy products. Our assortment of equipment for dairy processing and storage of the product are presented by:

  • tanks, cisterns;
  • pasteurization aggregates;
  • dosing plants;
  • cleaning, cleaning and disinfecting stations (CIP);
  • cheese making equipment;
  • automation systems.

Capacitive technology from Flowtech is made from foreign steel and high quality armature. The size of the tanks can be different from small to very large in a thousand tons. Small and medium vessels are delivered to the installation site by car or train. Large tanks are brought to the customer apart and install on a site by the company's specialists. We produce the CIP units which allow the quick cleaning of capacitive equipment and pipelines. Also we produce technological elements of other types, like all kinds of ladders, service areas for tanks, supports for installing pipelines, various building structures.

To order milk production equipment

The essence of the work of Flowtech is to conduct a flexible policy of cooperation with our customers and provide precisely technological equipment that our customers are need. We carefully analyze the wishes and needs of the customer, and after that we produce milk and dairy exactly in the form in which the client wants to see it. Also we take already available equipment already in production, so that new functional units are poured into the established working chain without problems.

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