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Installation of stainless steel ladders and platforms
Installation of stainless steel ladders and platforms
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Milk cooling tanks

One of the directions Flowtech company activity are production, sale and installation on the enterprises of dairy tanks. We sell both open and closed type products. The main goal of the company is to stisfy the needs of agricultural producers of our country, as well as other enterprises of the food and processing industry, manufacturing high-tech equipment.

Tanks for milk from Flowtech, their types and conformation

These products can be open or closed by their design.

  1. Closed type milk tanks are sealed thermally insulated and automatic systems. They have an oval or cylindrical shape. The equipment has in its construction, the stirrer connected to a motor-reducers, provides the optimal speed for the required number of revolutions mixing equipment. The latter is necessary to ensure that the product has not been frozen to the walls of the vessel. Also, the products are equipped with nozzles that spray washing liquids on the inner walls of the tank in the implementation of automatic washing.
  2. Milk tanks of open type are thermally insulated (with the exception of caps at the top) and automatic systems. These products are washed manually by employees.

Direct-cooled milk coolers are fitted with condensing units that connect to the evaporators located on the inner surface of the tank using copper tubes. Due to the operation of the evaporators, which reduces the temperature of the walls of the milk tank, the product is cooled. The cooling process takes place due to the fact that the freon is boiled in the evaporators and comes in them under the pressure with the help of a condensing device. The boiling of this liquid takes a large amount of heat. Freon in gaseous form is withdrawn back to the compressor-condenser device, again acquiring a liquid state. Process repeats.

Cooler price for milk

Flowtech experts will come to your aid when it comes to choosing the necessary milk tank, since our range is quite wide. The price of milk cooler may differ from model to model. There are products that significantly differ in index of productiveness, it is also possible to purchase milk cooling tanks of different sizes. Prices for milk coolers from Flowtech are available for companies of all scopes.

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