Blending tank with mixer
Blending tank with mixer
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Milk pasteurizers

Enterprises use milk pasteurizers, in order to keep the dairy product for a long time. "Flowtech" company create, to implements and to install a variety of equipment for food production enterprises. We give guarantees to milk processing plants for only high-quality technological equipment which satisfy all sanitary standards.

Structure and work process of Flowtech milk pasteurizers

Stationary equipment for milk pasteurization provides heat treatment of the product. Pathogens are destroys by high temperature, which is achieved in these aggregates. This method provides the heating of a product to the maximum allowable level without boiling. It was invented by the French microbiologist Louis Pasteur. Industrial pasteurizers are thermally insulated tanks, where stainless steel is used for they manufacture. Vessels are supported by four foots. The structure of the tank has such constituent parts as the inner and outer bath, and the heat exchange shirt. The last element between baths is space. Among other composite milk pasteurizer is a mixing device, heating elements, and a control unit.

  • With the help of a stirring device, the liquid is moved evenly through the tank for the appropriate course of the decontamination process.
  • Heating elements heat the coolant in the heat exchange jacket.
  • The product is cooled by cold water supplying to the heat exchange jacket.

With the control unit, the temperature regime of the product in the internal bath is automatically maintained, and the temperature of the coolant in the heat exchange jacket. The thermostat sets the required temperature for processing the product, and the holding time.

Price for milk pasteurization equipment

Flowtech has a flexible policy for its customers. We try to provide such equipment as our customer is need. That is why we listen the wishes of the client and analyze the features of his production. The price of milk pasteurization equipment varies from model to model. Our experts will help you find the equipment that will perfectly fit into the existing infrastructure in your production.

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