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Blending tank with mixer
Blending tank with mixer
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Storage tanks for milk

Flowtech company produce any vessels for many branches of food industry. In particular, we produce reliable tanks for filling with milk. The sizes of tanks can be vary (from 200-300l to 1000t). Medium and small containers are manufactured at the factory and sent to customers using road or rail transport. Tanks of large sizes arrive disassembled at the installation site and there are assembled by specialists in the same place. Containers for milk storing can be in a different design, the thickness of their walls are varied from 2 to 16 millimeters.

Advantages of Flowtech equipment for receiving milk

Our company is engaged in the production of quality milk storage tanks. We use imported stainless steel and armature which made in Europe when we are manufacturing our product When we are working, our specialists use only high-quality materials and tools. Welding is performed using automatic welding equipment, so you can be satisfied a quality, a reliability and an appearance of seams. Seams are polished from the inside, becouse it`s necessary to prevent the spread of microorganisms.

We use the surface of the stainless steel which has a quality 2b (matt polish). You can order polishing to a mirror surface. Also, grinding (sanitizing) can be done to not form stains on the surface. Thanks to well-designed design solutions, products are characterized by maximum hygiene, easy cleaning and are not contained any non-washable areas. Our milk receiving equipment can be equipped with a heat-insulating layer to support the temperature regime within the reservoir. Polyethylene and mineral wool are used to create thermal insulation materials such as polyurethane foam. It`s protect the thermal barrier layer.

Order a container for storing milk

It`s so easy to make order in our store. If you want to do this, please go to the page called "Contacts" and contact with our representative. Receiving milk equipment from our company is qualitative, reliable and functional product, it will be make easy the manufacturing process in your enterprise at several times. Besides products are not effective only, but also at an avaible price.

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